Accomplishments and call for support

Accomplishments and call for support

We did a lot of service to our people and our environment with your support and the support of many local and international volunteers last year. For a link to our annua;l report for 2017, please click to download this PIBS_PMNH ANNUAL REPORT 2017  . We are so proud of these accomplishments and think we can do even better in 2018 WITH YOUR SUPPORT. We are calling for  donors (of money or in kind donations), volunteers, and activists.

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Research: Serving Palestine and the scientific community, we published over 25 research papers in three years in areas ranging from genotoxicity to biodiversity of various groups of animals (ranging from scorpions, snails, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals), to museology (museum science), to environmental justice issues, to environmental education. This is applied and collaborative research that helps accomplish our other goals of education and conservation and elevates Palestine’s name in international scientific standing. See this short video on activities in research and other areas and for a sampling of research papers, see

Palestine Sunbird photo taken by Dr. Anton Khalilieh

Education: We hosted dozens of schools, did workshops educating our youth on areas like reducing waste, recycling, composting, respecting nature, biodiversity, critical thinking, science, anthropology, ecotourism, and more.  We also worked with university students and faculty not just at our own Bethlehem University but also at other universities in Palestine and abroad. You can see our education table and display board down below. We also held workshops ranging from taxidermy to math in nature to recycling. We are working on establishing a new interdisciplinary bachelor degree in under the auspices of the Faculty of Science and Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability at Bethlehem University. Mentored graduate and undergraduate students at Bethlehem University and three other Palestinian universities (PPU, HU, BZU) on senior thesis and graduate research. Many won top awards (for example students in architecture at PPU for design of new PMNH building). See this video on educational program  (Arabic and English)

Conservation and sustainability: We built new models of sustainability including in composting, aquaponics, biogas, rain harvesting, solar energy (covering all our needs and more), organic gardening, solar electricity, and more. We transferred knowledge to farmers and agriculture engineers, for example 12 who came from Gaza and learned aquaponics. We worked with Environmental Quality Authority to create a management plan for Wadi Al-Quff protected area and are working now on a similar plan for Wadi Al-Zarqa al-Ulwi near Salfit. The Environmental Impact Unit of PIBS did consulting work with a number of local and international institutions on issues of conservation and education.

Community Service: We worked closely with three local universities, five governmental agencies (e.g. Environmental Quality Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education), private schools, and four Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs). For many of those we signed official memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and for others worked via official letters. Served the community in many other ways like working with school environmental clubs, donating labor, material and supplies, planting trees, helping farmers etc. Over two dozen joint projects were implemented including supervising student work at universities, helping on conservation projects, helping local farmers, planting trees in dangerous areas near Israeli built walls and settlements, harvesting olives with farmers, local school education.  We had more than 3150 visitors and community beneficiaries in the last six months.

Other: Built an international network of supporters with over 30,000 who now receive weekly emails relating to issues of environment (including environmental justice), life in Palestine and more. We received over 200 international volunteers and over 1500 international visitors since founding the museum and PIBS (since 2014).

Video on volunteering with us

According to Professor Qumsiyeh’s scientific publications received 4507 citations, 1335 citations since 2012 (as of 23/11/2017)

According to another database ResearchGate ( ) the citations for 141 publications as of 23/11/2017 reached 4345 citations.

Prof. Qumsiyeh (Volunteer Director) has also a significant popular impact. He has an email list of >48,000 followers. A simple google search for ‘Mazin Qumsiyeh’ yields 211,000 hits and for the ‘Palestine Museum of Natural History’ (founded and directed without compensation by Prof. and Mrs. Qumsiyeh since 2014) yields 626,000 hits.

We love you and we NEED YOU!!

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We thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and productive holiday season!