Achievements 2014

Achievements 2014

Achievements since launching in June 2014

1) Developed the museum from nothing (a new museum) in many areas from
furnishing to organization so that it is now an actual functioning

2) Science festival that brought hundreds of school children and volunteers together for activities like experiments and discussions on things ranging from critical thinking to physics to environmental protection.

3) Published significant research on Biodiversity and initiated several new projects of research (some involving molecular and cytogenetic techniques). (e.g. Decline in Vertebrate Biodiversity of Bethlehem, a paper on Scorpion Nebo, a paper on Amphibians).

4) Worked hard on our land site to create and reclaim an integrated ecosystem of endogenous Palestinian animals and plants.

5) We began to rehabilitate some injured and abandoned wild animals.

6) Began to develop permaculture and aquaculture.

7) Began recycling and upcycling waste material.

8) Expanded our digital library for fauna and flora.

9) Expanded our digital photo collection

10) Building partnership with many organizations and government entities (e.g. Qattan, Min of Agriculture, Environmental Quality Authority). Traveled to Europe and developed good working
relationships with dozens of facilities and scientists and others.

11) Raised some needed funds (all from individual donations and most from Palestinians).

12) Developed a webpage (, a facebook page, and a tweitter account and published several articles about the museum in major magazines (like “This Week in Palestine”) and books (like “Museums in Palestine”).

13) Carried out over 50 field trips in various parts of Palestine and over 40 volunteers worked at the museum in various capacities from agriculture to education to research to conservation.