Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Palestine Museum of Natural History


Upcoming events: call us (02) 2773553 and/or join our email list by writing to Here are the last ten main educational events at the museum

-Workshop on Scorpions 14 July 2015

– Workshop on water innovation and project development 15 June 2015

– Workshop on Peace Gardens and Trauma Relief 24 May 2015

– Workshop on Need for Museum in Palestine 23 April 2015

– Workshop on bee keeping April 2015

-Workshop on Mushrooms 24 March 2015

– Workshop on geology and paleontology 31 March 2015 11113727_1578679249077275_4591858770050276502_n

– Environmental Quality Authority and school students environment day at the museum. Monday 30 March

-Workshop on Cancer 3 March 2015

-Workshop on Research Methodology and Ethics 27 January 2015

– Workshop on Taxidermy December 2014 aDSCN7632