Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Palestine Museum of Natural History


There are dynamic and experimental exhibits being built in the museum to ensure they reflect the mission and goals of the museum.

In November, 2014, the Museum, in conjunction with the Qattan Foundation, hosted a public exhibition themed “Science Fair Festival”.




This is only the beginning and with your help we will expand several interactive exhibitions on areas such as

    • Scorpions of Palestine (we have living and breeding scorpions of several species).
  • Butterflies (now we have 50 documented species in our collection and nearly a third of those live in our ecosystem around the museum).
  • Evolution and fossils.
  • Up-cycling/recycling.
  • Permaculture/aquaculture.
  • Aviary (living bird exhibit).
  • Medicinal plants.
  • Evolution of Agriculture (plant and animal domestication).Untitled-1