Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Palestine Museum of Natural History

Goals 2015

In our volunteer meeting Monday for the Palestine Museum of Natural
History, we reviewed and updated accomplishments (13 listed below) and
we identified 5 goals for 2015

Five goals for 2015
1) Submit 5 research papers for peer reviewed publications
2) Carry out intensive studies of 5 areas resulting in significant contribution to fauna and flora (including Jordan Valley, Wadi Makhrour and three others selected for environmental threats especially from Israeli colonization activities). This involves carrying out >50 field trips to those and other areas nearby.
3) Do 5 training workshops (e.g. on geology and paleontology, butterflies of Palestine etc)
4) Complete 5 interactive exhibits in our exhibit hall
5) Get support from 5 new organizations/institutions and from 50 new individuals.