Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Palestine Museum of Natural History


From Brother Peter (Vice Chancelor): “Congratulations on the opening ceremony on Wednesday. I thought the whole event went very well. There was a relaxed atmosphere during which some important issues were addressed and visitors had the opportunity to see that, as I said, it was more than an opening, rather a celebration of what you have achieved since 2014. I think it achieved the goal of alerting people to what the museum has done and is doing and several people I spoke to were in awe of what you and your team and volunteers have accomplished. Many spoke to me about how impressed they were with the way the volunteers engaged with them and the ease with which they were able to speak about what they were responsible for. It is a credit to your commitment and vision that you and Jessie have been able to entice so many people to become involved in this project which has such potential to educate people to the wonder of the natural environment and engage these people in the protection of that environment here in Palestine. I think you should be very pleased with the way people responded to what you made available to them and very proud of the people with whom you have worked.”

Here is a video of the opening