Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Palestine Museum of Natural History



We have a number of programs to encourage children to develop critical thinking, a questioning attitude, love of the environment, and appreciation for biodiversity. The Qattan Foundation is partnering with us a school science fair in November which will reach many school children (see our mission and goals under About Us section). We can tailor programs also to specific schools and age groups and have a traveling exhibit to show students what a beautiful and rich environment and culture in Palestine. Contact us for details.


Our volunteer program (see [Link]) is the way many adults choose to engage because it helps them evolve and grow personally and at the same time serve Palestine. We also engage adults during our field trips to educate them about their environment and need for environmental protection. Our upcoming science fair will be directed to both children and adult visitors and will be our first public exhibit. The museum when open to the public will have weekly programs directed to children and programs directed to adults. For example one week we may focus on recycling/up-cycling, another week on composting, another on planting local flowers in our gardens instead of imported flowers.