Six months accomplishments

Six months accomplishments

The last six months’ accomplishments for the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS) and Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH) at Bethlehem University: Remarkable growth in areas of research, education, and conservation with limited material and human resources (volunteers, students, and very few employees).

1-Introduced new modules of sustainability education such as biogas, food forest, and composting

2-Installation and operation of solar panels

3-Published seven scientific papers and eight other articles (bringing much visibility to Bethlehem University). See partial listing below.

4-Worked on establishing the educational component of the PIBS (new bachelor degree in Sustainability at BU)

5-The Environmental Impact Unit of PIBS did consulting work with a number of local and international institutions on issues of conservation and education.

6-Carried out two trips to network and raise some funds (raised roughly $20,000 in US trip and 4000 in UK trip), other donations received including commitment to fund part of our new green museum and institute buildingfrom the Munib R Masri Family Foundation ($400,000 from $1 million need)

7-Submitted six grant proposals/funding requests and received three (two pending)!

8-Signed memoranda of understanding with two universities and two NGOs and helped with MOU between BU and Silk Road initiative (all need follow-up)

9-Represented BU on meeting at Ministry of Education on Horizon2020 and on the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence among others

10-Mentored graduate and undergraduate students at Bethlehem University and three other Palestinian universities (PPU, HU, BZU) on senior thesis and graduate research. Many won top awards (for example students in architecture at PPU for design of new PMNH building).

11-Served the community in many other ways like working with school environmental clubs, donating labor, material and supplies, planting trees, helping farmers etc. Also building a famly of people working together built life-long friendships of volunteers and interns (e.g. our gathering for a memorial for our departed friend Qavi was very special)

12-Professor Qumsiyeh traveled to two countries (USA and UK) and gave over 55 talks at key institutions (Smithsonian, Houston Natural Science Museum, Oxford U, Leeds U, Warwick U), churches, and community centers with over 1200 individuals benefitting.

13-More than 3150 visitors and beneficiaries in those six months:

-Hosted 12 school delegations from 11 Palestinian communities with over 500 students attending
-Hosted 15 other local and regional delegations (professors, common people etc) with over 350 attending
-Hosted 17 International delegations from over 24 countries with over 550 individual
-Attended 11 workshops and conventions networking with at least 120 individuals
-Carried out 8 workshops for schools and communities in the Salfit region benefitting over 400 people
-Hosted 8 interns and over 35 volunteers  (local and international)

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Recent Publications (partial list)

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