Museum Team and Board

Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh

Founder and Director (Volunteer)

Jessie Chang

Co-founder, Finance, and Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer)

Amal Handal

Research and Education Specialist

Elias Handal

Museum Zoologist and Education Specialist

Hanin Saliba

Administrative and Project Assistant

Johanna Gedeon

Project Assistant

Mohammad Abusarhan


Mohammad Najajreh

Museum Manager and Environmental Biologist

Rami Abu Sa'ad

Project Manager

Reem Massad

Cytogenetics Laboratory Technician

Executive Board

The museum is in the process of forming a board of directors which will be represented by university personnel, government officials (e.g. from the Ministries of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs), members of NGOs, and other community members. Some current executive board members:

Mr. Youil Anastas

VP Finance – Bethlehem University

Br. Peter Bray

Vice Chancellor – Bethlehem University

Dr. Michel Hanania

Dean and Chairperson of the Department of Chemistry – Bethlehem University

Dr. Ghassan Handal

Chairperson of the Department of Biology – Bethlehem University

Dr. Irene Hazou

VP Academic Affairs – Bethlehem University

Dr. Jamil Khader

Dean of Research – Bethlehem University

Dr. Issa Abardiya

Environmental Quality Authority, State of Palestine