About Us

Using largely volunteer efforts and local donations, the Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (PIBS) and its offspring, the Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH) and ecological botanical gardens at Bethlehem University were established in 2014.

Our motto

RESPECT – first for ourselves, then for others, then for the environment.

Our Vision

Sustainable human and natural communities: Empower responsible human interactions with all components of our environment to promote a sustainable ecosystem.

Our Mission

Research, educate about, and conserve our natural world, culture and heritage and promote responsible human interactions with our environment.

Our Goals

  1. Research and knowledge dissemination on the fauna, flora, and human ethnography of Palestine.
  2. Promote environmental protection and responsible interaction between people and the environment, including cultural heritage.
  3. Use research results in areas such as biodiversity, history, culture, permaculture and biological control to promote sustainable communities, focusing on marginalized communities.

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