Here are examples of our educational activities that benefit thousands every year:

  1. Worked on three programs for environmental education and awareness at schools (funded by UNDP, US Consulate and Canadian Consulate). For example of one of those projects see this video and English) and for a report on the project funded by the the Canada Fund for Local Initiative, please see this end of project report

  1. Climate Change Education in Palestine. In collaboration with, Action de sensibilisation et d’éducation à l’environnement et le changement climatique pour les communautés en Palestine. $16,000. by City of Geneva (for execution in Palestine).Jan. 2018 – Dec. 2019. You can download some of the eduucational material here Agriculture-ar Agriculture-eng Biodiversity-ar Biodiversity-eng Climate Change-ar Climate Change-eng EnergyandTransport-ar EnergyandTransport-eng Geography-ar Geography-eng Waste and Chemicals-ar Waste and Chemicals-eng
  2. Held many workshops such as:


  1. Represented BU on meeting at Ministry of Education on Horizon2020 and on the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence among others.
  2. Mentored graduate and undergraduate students at Bethlehem University and three other Palestinian universities (PPU, HU, BZU) on senior thesis and graduate research. Many won top awards (for example students in architecture at PPU for design of new PMNH building).
  3. Hosted in the museum and garden over 70 school delegations serving over 3000 student visitors who became aware of environmental issues
  4. Museum staff participated in over 50 educational workshops and conventions learning new skills and networking with over 2000 people.
  5. People also get educated visiting our exhibits or by working in our collections.