Programs of Education

We have a new bachelor program in Technology for Environmental Sustainability (برنامج بكالوريوس تكنولوجيا البيئة المستدامة). You can view a short video on the program below and click here more details and download the Brochure for the program

EDUCATIONAL POSTERS on Environmental Awareness and Climate Change topics are available below. This educational material was developed for communities in Palestine with funding from the City of Geneva and implemented in collaboration with Zoï Environment Network. Arabic versions are available as well.

Here are some of our brochures:

See this video (Arabic/English) for an example of our environmental education and awareness activities at schools, funded by UNDP-GEF-SGP, the American Consulate General in Jerusalem, and the Canada Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI). See also these examples on Climate Change, Energy and transportation, Biodiversity, Agriculture, Waste & Chemicals, and Geography produced in cooperation with Enabel, the Belgian Development Agency, and Terre des Hommes Italy.

Continuing Education & Workshops

We have regular workshops on a wide variety of topics, and plan to make videos available in the future. Here are some of our past workshops.

Quarantine Renaissance Webinars

  • Improving the State of the Palestinian Environment via Public Participation by Mohammed Abusarhan. (13 Oct 2020)
  • Settler Colonialism and the Natural Environment with PMNH by Reena Saeed. (6 Oct 2020)
  • Role of Community gardens and gardening at home for the renaissance of our Palestinian society in light of the Corona pandemic and the Israeli occupation by Mohammed Najajreh. (29 Sep 2020)
  • Volunteerism in Palestine Today: Addressing the Challenges of Occupation and Pandemic by Jessie Qumsiyeh. (22 Sep 2020)
  • Environmental Awareness Focusing on Children by Elias Handal. (15 Sep 2020)
  • Management challenges and opportunities in pandemics and colonialism by Abdel Salam Al Janazreh. (9 Sep 2020)
  • Founding and Director of the PIBs and PMNH by Mazin Qumsiyeh. (31 Aug 2020)
  • The link between human diversity, biodiversity and sustainability by Linda Majaj. (25 Aug 2020)
  • Working with farmers in marginalized communities by Summer Shaheen. (18 Aug 2020)
A poster of a Quarantine Renaissance Webinar

Previous workshops

  • Color morphs of flower, exhibit design by Elias Handal and Mazin Qumsiyeh (24 Jun 2020)
  • Climate change paper and GIS papers by Julius Pahl (10 Jun 2020)
  • Scorpion Biodiversity and Interlope Divergence at ‘‘Evolution Canyon’’ by Elias Handal (5 Jun 2020)
  • Class for ICTU (USA) by Mazin Qumsiyeh (8 Dec 2020)
  • Lecture on ornithology (BU Zoology class) by Elias Handal (4 Dec 2020)
  • Middle Eastern Social innovation Lab MESIL lecture on human and nature sustainability in Artas by Mazin Qumsiyeh (17 Nov 2020)
  • Env emergency webinar by Mazin Qumsiyeh (7 Nov 2020)
  • Artas Agriculture Workshop by Mohammad Abu Amriyeh (5 Nov 2020)
  • Enhancing Participatory Approach in actions of Palestinian Museums and Cultutal Organizations by Mazin Qumsiyeh (25 Oct 2020)
  • How indigenous people of Palestine fight the domineering system of colonialism and protect our nature and our planet @International Wilderness week by Mazin Qumsieyh (23 Oct 2020)
  • Taxidermy workshop by Walid Basha (22 Oct 2020)
  • Class on indigenous struggles - Palestine by Mazin Qumsiyeh (27 Sep 2020)
  • Impact of the Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Science, Education, and Research by Mazin Qumsiyeh (20 Sep 2020)
  • BDS, Capitalism, Colonialism and the Climate Crisis: Connecting the Dots by Mazin Qumsiyeh (9 Sep 2020)
  • The Impact of Israel’s Annexation Plans on Palestinian Research and Higher Education by Mazin Qumsiyeh (21 Aug 2020)
  • Museum Management by Mazin Qumsiyeh (12 Aug 2020)
  • Information Management by Mazin Qumsiyeh (5 Aug 2020)
  • Circadian Clock by Duaa Subhi (29 Jul 2020)
  • Management and Leadership by Mazin Qumsiyeh (17 Jun 2020)
  • Green Museums by Mazin Qumsiyeh and Elias Handal (4 Jun 2020)
  • Environmental Impacts of Occupation by Mazin Qumsiyeh (4 Jun 2020)
  • Darwin Report by Abdel Salam Al Janazreh (21 May 2020)
  • Media Strategy by Reena Saeed (13 May 2020)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation by Linda Majaj (6 May 2020)
  • Project Design and Proposal Writing by Mazin Qumsiyeh (29 Apr 2020)
  • Biodiversity and GPA by Mazin Qumsiyeh (8 Apr 2020)
  • Sustainable Development by Mazin Qumsiyeh (15 Apr 2020)
  • QGIS by Julius Pahl (20 Mar 2020)
  • Environmental DNA by Prof. Alfried Vogler (22 Apr 2020)
  • Biodiversity paper workshop by Mazin Qumsiyeh (1 Apr 2020)
Taxidermy workshop on 22 Oct 2020
  • Fisheries Bureau of the department Dennis Riecke, a fisheries biologist with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (16 October 2017)
  • Soap making and glass recycling (10 September 2016)
  • GIS systems (14 July 2016)
  • Water and natural resource management (2 April 2016)
  • Peace-building in the Holy Land: Strategizing Our Popular Resistance, Bethlehem, Palestine (4-7 November 2015)
  • Making Scorpions Using Recycled Wires (14 July 2015)
  • Water Innovation and Project Development (15 June 2015)
  • Peace Gardens and Trauma Relief (24 May 2015)
  • Museums in Palestine (23 April 2015)
  • Beekeeping (April 2015)
  • Mushrooms (24 March 2015)
  • Geology and paleontology (31 March 2015)
  • Environment day at the museum (30 March 2015)
  • Cancer (3 March 2015)
  • Research Methodology and Ethics (27 January 2015)
  • Taxidermy (December 2014)