We welcome any donations to help our institute - our work has only been possible through donations and volunteer effort. To contribute online:

  1. Click here and make sure "Palestine Museum of Natural History/PIBS" is in the Designation field. You should receive an automatically generated thank-you message after the process is completed.
  2. Please forward the thank-you message to This is necessary for us to ensure proper credit to the PIBS/PMNH account at Bethlehem University.
  3. There are other ways to donate to us but again please designate and tell us.

We have raised money for a new large Museum from many friends. See 3D designs HERE but we need more not just for renovation (including mechanical and electrical) and landscaping but also for significant interactive exhibits in areas like conservation, ethnology, natural history, land of Canaan, olive tree etc. We are also planning a green additional building.

Here is a Brochure for a 2018 design of Green Buiding which we still hope to build as a second stage when funds are available

see 3 D video above

You can even be named as the benefactor for installations like a garden fountain, a specific exhibit, reception area, a book/gift shop etc. This way your name will stay in a large national institution visited by thousands now (tens of thousands per year when it is completed) from around the world. Please also let us know if your donation is to be applied to the endowment fund, the earnings of which will be strictly used to ensure long-term sustainability of the operation.

News from BU

It is important to point out that Prof. & Mrs. Qumsiyeh already donated $250,000 as well as books, specimens and labor (both full time volunteers since founding the Institute in 2014). They continue to contribute. The Munib and Angela Masri Family Foundation is donating $400,000 towards the project and we received approval for $700,000 from USAID/American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (both towards renovation of the north building)