Compost Systems
Children learning about compost by Ibrahim Mashaala

Humus (Composting Suction)

The compost work aims to provide a suitable place to recycling the organic waste on the site and turn it into a natural fertilizer in addition to its work to raise awareness about ways to make use of organic waste and dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner.

At the museum, we compost any vegetation that has been cut down or any leftover food. This is then used for the community garden. There is also a worm compost system, where worms help to break down food waste.


  • Recycling the organic waste inside the site in a safe and environmentally friendly way
  • Making a natural fertilizer from the organic waste of the botanical garden
  • Providing an educational model for visitors on ways to get rid of organic waste and make compost
  • Providing an appropriate environment for increasing biological diversity on site and studying the biological diversity associated with organic waste