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Public Databases

Here, we curated a list of publicly available resources and databases to help researchers and students locally and globally reach data faster. "Data is the new oil" Clive Humby.

Books Databases

  1. Biodiversity Heritage Library
  2. جامع المخطوطات الاسلامية
  3. Arabic Collections Online
  4. The Palestine Review
  5. Prof. Mohammed Al Ghamdi (in Arabic)
  6. JSTOR: a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources
  8. List of 45 books websites: excluding the above mentioned ones.

Biodiversity Databases

  1. Global Biodiversity Information Facility - GBIF
  2. Encyclopedia of Life
  3. Fauna Europaea
  4. Oz Rittner Website
  5. VertNet
  6. Biotaxa: Online library for taxonomic journals
  7. Convention on Biological Diversity
  8. Global Taxonomy Initiative
  9. Israel Taxonomy Initiative
  10. Amphibians and Reptiles Database
  11. List of biodiversity databases-Wikipedia
  12. Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh's Profilei on Google Scholar

Barcoding Database

  1. Barcode of Life Data System
  2. Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding
  3. BIObus: Discover Nature Through DNA

Open Access Journals

  1. Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species

General Databases

  1. Laor collection: Old maps of Jerusalem and vicinity high resolution
  2. Yale Digital content

Search Engines

  1. Google Scholar
  2. ResearchGate
  3. Sweet Search
  4. Al Manhal
  5. PDF Archive
  6. EBSCO